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Leading-Edge Machinery

Hydraulic components are critical to product integrity and performance. One tiny variance can cause significant production delays, or worse, costly product failures. That’s why we  continually invest in our technology to meet the efficiency, accuracy and repeatability needs of our customers.

Swiss-Style Lathes

Swiss-style lathes are designed to allow for tool accessibility providing extremely quick set up times. These Swiss-style machines offer clever solutions including live tooling and is ideally suited for close tolerance components. A Swiss-style lathe feeds the stock through a guide bushing. This means the OD turning tool can always cut the stock near the bushing, and therefore near the point of support, no matter how long the workpiece. The machine feeds the work out of the spindle and past the tool as it goes. This makes the CNC Swiss-style particularly effective for long and slender turned parts.

  • Thru spindle capability up to 1.00″
  • 12 tool stations
  • Maximum turning length up to 19″
  • Bar feeder capability up to 12′

Axis Turning Centers

2 axis turning centers can handle up to 3.5″ diameter through the spindle, and 12″ chucking capacity with 48″ travel. This machine has 35 HP motor and includes:

  • Programmable Tail stock
  • Programmable steady rest

OD Centerless CNC Grinding

Our grinders are capable of centerless through-feed grinding spool valve parts with 60 millionths of an inch (0.000060″) total tolerance on O.D. Circularity and cylindricity is also very crucial requirement and are capable of within 50 millionths (0.000050″) or less in circularity. Most of the products that we produce require an extremely fine surface finish of Ra 8 or less. 

Pallet-Changing Horizontal Machining Centers

Featuring an extra-large workspace, double decker chip conveyor and 13,000 rpm dual contact spindle for fine finishes. The fully integrated multi-pallet changer systems allow you to machine parts on one pallet while loading/unloading parts on the other, boosting throughput and minimizing non-cutting time. Run the same job on both pallets for high-volume production, or set up different jobs on each pallet for more flexibility.

  • Table size: 19.7″ x 19.7″ (500 x 500mm)
  • Travel (X,Y,Z): 34.3″ x 28″ x 26″
  • Spindle Speed: 35-12,000 rpm
  • Tool storage capacity: 50 pcs
Secondary equipment & processes

Comprehensive Equipment and Processes

We have equipment and processes for all the precision component needs of our customers. From typical hydraulic components like spools, manifolds, and cartridge bodies to custom pieces unique to your products, we can produce what you need to your exact specifications.

I.D. Honing

Our honing equipment utilizes diamond hone techniques that enable us to hold super finishes of Ra 6-10 and tolerances of +/-.000050"


Pencil Blasting
Cabinet Blasting
Tumble & Barrel Blasting


3M Through-feed Polishing/Buffing
Nylox Wheel Brushing

Laser Etching/Bar Coding

We utilize a leader in laser marking MeccoMark® Systems for laser etching & bar coding
X,Y, and Z axis motion both manual and automated
Part rotation options
Multi-position dial indexers
Vision systems for traceability and inspection


Materials Based on Customer Needs

Hanel can meet material specification according to ASTM, SAE, AISI, ACI, DIN, EN, ISO, GB standards.

Stainless Steel

Aluminum Alloy

Carbon Steel

Copper Alloy