Hanel is now a division of Driv-Lok. LEARN MORE.

Precision That Drives Performance

For more than 50 years, Hanel has been a leading manufacturer of precision hydraulic components. We produce custom components to fit the unique needs and exact tolerance requirements of our customers—every time. We offer extensive machining capabilities including CNC Milling Centers & Turning Centers, large capacity Swiss Style Automatics and CNC Precision Centerless Grinding.

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A History of Customer-Focused Growth and Advancements


Al Hanel founded the company as a prototype shop and quickly established a reputation for quality and on-time delivery. 


After steady growth, the shop incorporated.


Hanel moved to our current location, an industrial park outside Milwaukee, and grew our offering in hydraulic flow components—now specializing in turned parts including brake pistons, directional valves, and spools; but also block-shaped parts such as hydraulic manifolds and valve bodies. 


Hanel adopted a Lean Manufacturing U-shaped Work Cells model which enabled reduced work-in processes, lead times, late orders, scrap, direct labor, and workspace, but also ensured quality control.


Driv-Lok, a leader in fastening and joining components, acquired Hanel Corporation. By combining our platforms and expertise, we are increasing our focus on innovation to meet the growing and changing needs of our customers.


A World Leader in Fastening Solutions

Driv-Lok is a world leader and preferred manufacturer of fastening and joining component solutions serving the automotive, medical, and industrial sectors. We are proud to be an American company, and for more than seven decades, we’ve helped engineers, product designers and assembly managers to design and produce press-fit fasteners, provide machining expertise, and identify ways to reduce costs, promote safety and efficiency, and enhance product performance.